Berkshire Hathaway Commercial has consistently achieved for our clients record-breaking results by locating unique opportunities to achieve their investment requirements on and off market. Our Investment Team carefully works to understand your need and the return that is required of your investment, then tirelessly seeks the proper asset to deliver the necessary return.

Client Representation

When hiring the Commonwealth team, you receive assistance to control the flow of accurate information. This is critical to assisting you in making quality business decisions whether it be writing or accepting offers. We will deliver the entire investment market in a clear and succinct fashion and filter out the noise that can confuse buyers and sellers, which can cause them to make less informed, potentially detrimental business decisions.

Global Team Work

At Berkshire Hathaway Commercial we work as a global team more effectively than any other brokerage company. We openly communicate and share information with each other on properties for sale and on all aspects of the economy that affect our client’s businesses. This is extremely unusual in a brokerage company. Typical agents will hoard and hide information; thereby harming there fellow agents and their clients. In contrast to this, our team has led to our clients continued success and an unparalleled volume of repeat business.

Experience At Your Service

Berkshire Hathaway Commercial agents are seasoned professionals with many years of experience selling investment properties. The average Agent in our office has over 10 year’s experience in brokerage. All our Agents are specialists in their field and market area. Because we specialize in investment analysis, we are more agile and better able to adjust to the market’s ever changing conditions. With every closing, we increase our pool of qualified buyers and sellers in the marketplace and we become more valuable to our clients. We are the most active and experienced brokers in New England and this magnifies our ability to service our clients.